The new fashion eyewear statement especially designed for the discerning individual in need of an eye covering. Created with thoughtfullness and color sense...hand sewn out of Ultra-suede that makes the experience of wearing an eye covering something special.

The Aero-Patch is an innovative approach to eye coverings, using lightweight mesh fabric to encourage airflow, maintain privacy and yet allow for unobstructed vision. Stylish, comfortable and washable, the Aero-Patch is unique in the vision care field. Now available in four fashion colors, each trimmed in Ultrasuede -- black, navy, cream and brown.

Sara Harwin has designed Eye Dentity in consultation with her husband, Fredric Harwin, a board certified ocularist and medical illustrator, to (at last) provide a quality eye covering.

Eye Dentity is also available in special colors and sizes for children.
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