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Our Story

The year was 1995. Fred Harwin, a talented artist and ocularist, mentioned to his wife, Sara Harwin, that his customers were coming in with eye patches that looked ill-fitting and uncomfortable. He suggested maybe she could develop something better. Sara, also a talented artist, was creating work with Ultrasuede, a soft, elegant material. She got to work and eventually came up with a patch that was soft and luxurious, featuring a band that attaches with velcro allowing a more comfortable fit. They were a hit with Fred’s clients and EyeDentity was born.

Ever since then we’ve been dedicated to addressing the needs of our customers, which led to creating  five different styles of patches, as well as offering custom-made shapes and sizes, so that we can always find exactly the right fit for each individual. Now run by their son Jesse Harwin, and Daughter-in-Law, Sarah Chellis, EyeDentity Patchworks holds true to its original vision. An eye patch should act as an extension of the self; reflecting one’s personal taste while allowing them to go about their day unobstructed.

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